Knee Injuries

Our knees do most of the heavy lifting; that’s why it is considered the largest joint in our body. With each step, our knees are taking in a huge impact. This makes that specific part of our body completely vulnerable to injury. Because of this, knee injuries are especially common.

The symptoms of this type of injury can include:

  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Popping noises
  • Grinding
  • Inability to straighten knee
  • Unable to walk properly

Being an athlete or conducting physical activity is going to put you at a much greater risk of suffering from a knee injury. Obese individuals, older adults, and people undertaking physical labor are also putting themselves at a high risk of sustaining this kind of condition. The most common causes of knee injuries are a result from a serious accident (car crash, contact sports, etc.), overuse, trauma, wear and tear, or degenerative conditions like arthritis.

We must recognize just how precious our knees are to performing everyday activities. This awareness can greatly impact the stress we put on our knees and the way we treat them. If your knee injury needs more serious treatment than some ice and elevation, it might be time to seek out a medical professional. Physicians at The Regenerative Medicine Institute of South Carolina are some of the best in their field at diagnosing your knee injury and then delivering you the most effective form of therapy to get you on your road to recovery. To learn more about our regenerative therapies, book an appointment with us today. Let’s get you back on your feet!

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